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05 23rd, 2006

How Can A Lawyer Help In Such Cases As Car and Automobile Accidents / Auto Injuries?

On an Independence Day in the early 1990's, a father drove along the Pacific Coast Highway in southern California. Near Malibu he came to an intersection, and he stopped at a red light. Soon a crashing sound filled the air, as the passengers in the car fell forward. The man's Toyota, which had a driver and two passengers, had been hit from behind. The man said, “I'm not seeing red, white and blue on this 4th of July; I'm seeing green.” That man understood how a car accident lawyer can help someone who has been in a car accident.

Now that same man had worked with a number of different lawyers. On several occasions, he had photographed a damaged vehicle for a local car accident lawyer. He therefore knew that a lawyer can help a client to obtain needed photos. Yet that is only one of the many ways that a lawyer can be of service to someone whose car had been damaged by another driver.

A car accident often causes injury to one or more of the car occupants. In a severe crash, such injuries can occur even when the rider and passenger are wearing seatbelts. The lawyer can help an injured driver to find a physician who understands the importance of a clear but reasonable complaint. The injured driver will receive a more just compensation if he or she can be seen by a doctor who is familiar with the injuries commonly resulting from an automobile accident.

Sometimes a severe injury can create added problems for both the injured party and the car accident lawyer. That is especially true, if the nature of the injury varies greatly from the sort of injury expected from a car accident. The gentleman mentioned in the opening paragraph learned that fact the hard way. His wife was in a car accident in April of 1988.

Now that man's wife had a special medical condition. In order to function with that condition, she depended upon a plastic tube, a tube that drained fluid from her skull into her peritoneal cavity. A month after the accident, she began to have headaches. The accident had caused her tube to break. Fluid was accumulating inside of her skull. That fluid build-up was responsible for her headache.

The lawyer gingerly suggested that the woman not appear in court. He worried that she might be questioned about her willingness to drive without added protections. He suggested that in a courtroom setting, the woman might be asked why she had worn only one seat belt. The woman settled out of court. For that reason, she did not go after compensation for the trials she endured while trying to resume her career.

For a simpler case, a lawyer's assistance can prove invaluable. A car accident lawyer might be consulted about the appropriate answers on an insurance form. Suppose, for example, that the injured driver is asked, “What happened right after the accident?” The lawyer might suggest that the answer include a quote from the other driver, especially if that quote suggests some degree of culpability.