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05 23rd, 2006

If you are considering a divorce, hiring a divorce lawyer may be your first smart move. Whether you are a wealthy individual with lots of property and assets or a poor person with children, a divorce attorney can walk you through the right steps necessary to obtain your divorce in the least amount of time with the least amount of expense.

Whether or not you should actually seek a divorce is one of the questions a divorce lawyer can help you answer. For those who want to maintain the benefits of marriage according to insurance and taxes, but don’t desire the support obligations and other divorced strings, a legal separation may be the better route. A divorce lawyer can also get the legal separation process started right away with an emergency temporary filing if there are instances of abuse, neglect or other domestic concerns.

A divorce lawyer will need to know on what grounds you wish to file the divorce. Grounds for divorce include cruelty, adultery and desertion to mention a few. The grounds for divorce must actually be happening when you file for divorce. If your spouse has been imprisoned for a felony offense which carries a penalty of more than five years, the grounds for divorce may be desertion.

A divorce lawyer is sometimes obtained more for a bifurcation of marital status. Often, the divorce is preceded by affairs, other living arrangements and any number of other scenarios. If a spouse wishes to have his or her marital status denounced prior to the other issues of support, property distribution etc, he or she may seek a bifurcation of martial status. By bifurcating the marital status from the other divorce issues, the ability of one or the other spouse to marry someone else legally is returned while the time to work out the remaining issues is still in process.

A online divorce kit containing forms for a “do-it-yourself” divorce rival a divorce attorney’s ability to get a good settlement with a satisfaction guarantee by the vendor of the kit. According to U.S. Legal Forms, these specially prepared kits, which are designed by state to be compliant with the laws of each state, will give a full refund of the purchase price if you are not happy with the forms. A divorce kit, however, is not necessarily as comprehensive as a divorce attorney would be in court. If you have children, there may be sensitive issues that an online divorce kit doesn’t take into consideration. If you have intellectual property by way of a business that the two parties are in dispute over, a divorce attorney is your best bet to settle the matter to your satisfaction.

Maybe you would like to secure a divorce attorney who is also familiar with premarital agreements. Typically known as Pre-nup’s, these documents detail who owns what if for any reason (or reasons stipulated in the agreement) the parties were to separate or the marriage were to end. Taking every step with confidence and knowledge is crucial to feeling good about the result.