Ways a medical malpractice lawyer can help you


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If you feel that you or someone you love has been neglected in a medical situation, then you may be interested to know that there are medical malpractice lawyers who want to hear from you!

If you’re not sure what medical malpractice is, by legal definition, it is the “negligence” by a person who claims to practice medicine for compensation without reasonable degrees of care and skill. Any injury resulting from a lack of such care and skill is a tort in which recovery in the form of monetary compensation may be granted by the victim. So, basically, anyone in the health, medical, dental or surgical services, diagnosis, prescription, treatment or care industries that perform care services of a medical nature are included. Public or private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, hospital authority, facility or institutions, officers, agents or employees acting on behalf of a health care provider are also included.

Now that you know what medical malpractice is, you might want to check into what circumstances are likely indicators that medical malpractice has in fact taken place. If you have experienced such incredible damage, more so than what would have been expected, such as extracting the wrong teeth, cutting off the wrong limb, etc. is a good indicator. If the provider’s conduct fell well below the reasonable and standard of care, you may have a case. If a baby has suffered brain damage as a result of negligence, if a “gross” error has been admitted to the patient or family of the patient, or if the signs and symptoms of a particular illness are apparent yet a physician fails to make a proper diagnosis followed by timely treatment.

Unless you have a lot of training and knowledge in the medical field, the resources and experience brought by a medical malpractice attorney to the courtroom will make the difference between a settlement and a dismissal. You don’t want the latter in your case!

Devoted to managing risk, some employees at the above mentioned organizations exist within the company simply to reduce the amount of pay-out to victims of medical malpractice. Therefore, without a medical malpractice attorney, it is unlikely you will know whether or not an offer that is made to you is good or not, whether or not you are able to ask for punitive damages in your case and many other decisions that result in monetary compensation.

If you get a good medical malpractice attorney, they will more than pay for themselves. Having a lawyer adds to the chance that ALL of your potential damages are collected. Depending upon the case, the circumstances surrounding the case and the estimated length of time it will take to settle your case, the attorney’s fees could be billable, or, in most medical malpractice law suits, the lawyer will retain a percentage of the overall settlement. Don’t get concerned though. The percentage is usually a small portion of your settlement and; as mentioned before, without a medical malpractice attorney, it is not likely you would have received anything.